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To international buyers!

We are more than happy to trade with other traders. whether you come from Japan, France, usa, or Sweden we are always ready to help! For many years we have served international customers from many countries of the world, giving us an unrivalled experience in this particular area! we primarily sell furniture from the 1950s until the 1980s


We also offer freight to the whole world via our experienced partners, – if you want to handle the freight yourself, this is also an option! We’d be happy to pack your purchases for payment so these can arrive safely!

The price for shipping items purchased at Real Retro to a third party in Denmark varies according to the quantity and size of the item purchased, Contact Real Retro by email for more info and a special agreement on shipping prices for 3 parties


We are happy to store your purchases after payment is registered, so if your carrier or you can only come for example 2 weeks after your purchase is made we will also find out! pick-up time can only be done by special agreement with Real Retro via our contact form or email

B2B log in !

We have chosen to launch a B2B log in that only registered customer of the company can avail of, this applies to Danish as foreign companies, with this log in it is now even easier to trade vintage furniture in Denmark in an easy and manageable way! – If you use this log-in and buy for a significant amount of money you automatically get good discounts completely without having to ask for it, and so on you can be happy never to ask if an item has been sold, if an item is visible on the webshop it is available.

Link to B2B:


We accept the following payment forms when trading with international customers.

Bank transfer / Visa / Mastercard

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